When The Mind Lies … The Body Tells The Truth…Care For The Caregiver

I had the opportunity to attend a seminar last night… “Careing for the caregiver”

Most physicians have experienced everything that the speaker was sharing. He was clearly an expert.

His prescriptions for change were clearly unconventional…More about that later as time is short.

Medical training is a very stressful activity. There is a great deal of stress. There is a great deal of fear. There is a great deal

of suppression and dissociation of emotions. It is fair to say that there is extreme stimulation of the over-production of

cortisol and adrenaline. Normally the cycles of the brain and body involve the hypothalamic-pituitary -end organ axis. Acute stress

damages the normal functioning of the cycles.Chronic stress makes that worse.

Medical training is akin to acute stress…sometimes at an almost psychologically traumatizing level.Medical practise represents

a chronic ongoing stress. Some of the worst effects of this will be seen in our emergency department physicians,and high pressure surgical

specialty areas ( trauma surgeon,vascular and cardiac surgery)

Currently,studies show that over 60 % of medical professionals are burned out,and in Western Society,we live in a system that has escalating stress,and demands.

The system is clearly at a breaking point. Many caregivers of various stripes ( nursing,medical,psychologists,administration,educators,paramedic..etc etc)

Many caregivers suffer from a disconnect between the normal feeling,emotion based system of the higher cortical brain; and have become functioning

daily from the limbic and biologically older midbrain. These are patterns that are common in those we say are suffering from  PTSD ( post traumatic stress

disorder)  The question on my mind is…what can be done to Not Burn Out in The Service of Others.


Caregivers Need a psychological Trauma Toolkit and ” Psychological First Aid”


1.Circular breathing/Abdominal Breathing

2.Progressive Relaxation

3.Body Scan( in your mind)



So…More about this all in a future blog

Remember that Caregivers are Spiritual Creatures too  (  The path….Stabilize;then Shift the internal

narrative: a faith-based spiritual practise daily and  reconection to self, relationships,and a healthy life philosophy


More  to come





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3 comments on “When The Mind Lies … The Body Tells The Truth…Care For The Caregiver
  1. Jo-Ann Gallo says:

    My 28 year old son is studying to become an EMT and then would like to further his career as a Medic. I worry about how stressful the Medical field is, so this really hit home. I am going to forward him this link. Thank You.

  2. Bryony says:

    I’d like to find some more in depth articles on this subject. Very interesting.

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