What is Resilience …. How can we Build it and Develop It

Stress, trauma, tragedy…overwhelm….These seem to be daily parts of

our current human experience. There is currently an epidemic of depression, stress related

illnesses….What makes one group of people to descend into a cycle of depression, and an inner swirl of

anxiety and emotional implosion, another to have the ability to continue productive lives, despite their

psychological distress, and to a smaller but resilient group, to adjust and often thrive ( sometimes stronger than ever)

For now, I will simply list the factors known to develop and produce resilience. I will expand on some in later posts….

The list is self explanatory…but again easy to read, but harder to do in practice.

1.Develop an attitude of positive optimism

2.Having a moral compass ( building character,having self-control,perseverance,endurance,and moral courage)

3.Developing a strong social support network.

4.Having good role models which we can mirror in difficult times.

5. Development and maintenance of physical fitness. ( Exercise is definitively been shown to reduce symptoms of depression,

stress, anxiety, and to elevate mood,and to improve brain function and cognition)


Everyone can become more resilient by following an emerging set of principles and guidelines based on

recent advances in biological,psychological, and social research.

 Developing resilience in a complex , and ever shifting world. That is worth looking in to.



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