The Power of Intent and Creation

I was 12 years old …. I went to geography class .The assignment was to write a project about world weather patterns. I

listened to the assignment, I studied,I wrote. All reports were graded. My geography teacher wrote at the top of my assignment ….

You would make a great doctor. I hope you consider medicine as a career. Time passed, and my studies continued.  Friends,sports,

summer jobs, academics…but ? medicine. No one in my family had anything to do with a medical career . No one had been to a formal university.

I was small town,blue collar kid. One cold day,while delivering the globe and mail  ( I had a paper route to fund my flying lessons ) …  When I was cold

and needing a rest from lugging heavy papers to early morning customers, I would sit in the   stairwell of the warm apartment buildings and read. I read about

Dr Christian Barnard doing early stage heart transplants. I heard about the early days of research connecting smoking and lung cancer and heart disease .

I was hooked. I would be a doctor for my life work. I loved science,physics,math,and biology.I loved English class. I did time in Engineering School before

my time in medical school. I had the POWER of INTENT. There was no other way to get through Medical School. I had no mentor,no one who had gone before.

I had only my thought that I would get through medical school. In engineering school….everything made sense. Physics,maths, science…Now those things made

sense. First year medical school was a jumble of  memorization, anatomy,histology,biochemistry ….I was not at all accostomed to memory work…..It was hard work:

It was like learning a new language. Nothing made sense. Pathology,pharmacology,histology …It was a jumble of names,words,drugs, diseases….Will I ever get it ???

Now I look back …. Everything makes sense,now . Physics and the study of the atom, and electrical fields and magnetic fields…now has led to  MRI technology.

Biology and biochemistry has led to understanding the Human Genome. Stem cell research has led to saving “cord blood samples at birth” in the event of a future

blood or bone marrow disorder. MRI’s can virtually see you think. They measure energy created by measuring energy in pulsating magnetic

fields. Every cell is effectively a magnet. Every cell emits energy. The energy can be measured. That makes the MRI work. Now, computers measure MRI detected energy,and create a picture.

Functional MRI’s can measure changing energy in differing mental states. Frontal lobe and amygdyla energy changes, based on on our mood and energy states.

It can be measured. The energy we can measure from our brain function cannot be seen. It cannot be felt. It is, however , very REAL.   Some of us are more aware of the

energy emitted by others and sensitive to it. How is it that we hear stories about Twins that connect at a distance .( One may know immediately when the other is hurt or dies) .,,Thought and energy. We

live in an era of knowledge of DNA ( biology) ,quantum physics ( space travel,and knowledge of the universe) , and neuroscience ( the workings of the billions of cells  that make up our brain )

I know that all of this is CONNECTED .  But here is the collision of all three .  And here in lies the merging of disciplines . Somehow the process of THINKING, and IMAGINING and

REQUESTING creates a force of INTENT that  turns into CREATION

                                                  That is the Process.  1. Imagine it 2. Feel it 3.Receive it

But be  careful. It works both ways. It can be a force of beauty and abundant intent.  It can be a force of  destructive intent by default.

Think of this….You can’t see gravity, but it is operating at all times whether you think about it or not. The law of intent works similarly.

It is working ceaselessly whether you are aware of it or acknowledge it.  So … why is it that extremely happy people who are positive and upbeat, and

creatively planning their future in the space of their mind seem to live more full and abundant and healthful lives.  By the same token, I have seen so many examples of the

law of intention working against some one…. I had one patient for whom every thing was a ” pain in the ass” ( she died of rectal cancer.)  I” don’t have a leg to stand on”

( the patient was diabetic and ended up having an amputation later in life).  That experience left me with a” broken heart ”  led to heart diease and bypass surgery in another.

” I am really pissed off ” ( bladder and kidney cancer) in yet another.


Be careful how you think …The thoughts turn into real experiences that you often contribute to ,  and often unconsciously !!

Again, I hasten to add, that there are many factors that flow into the creation of illness and the experience of healing. Our state of mind is just one(but an important one)

If we learn how to use this knowledge positively it will be entirely to your benfit and it will benefit the experiences in your life .




That is the power and Intent of Creation





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3 comments on “The Power of Intent and Creation
  1. Jane Chubb says:

    Dear Dr. Vanderwater, I have to agree with you !! Thoughts become things.. When you consistently focus on the positive, your outlook on life changes. Your level of joy is infectious, and it is a wonderful gift you can pass on to others.. I have personal experience with this formula. It has changed my life.
    Jane Chubb,

    • Charles Vanderwater says:

      I do wish people in the world would understand this … It is a gift given to all…so few receive it

  2. Angie Nyitray says:

    I have always thought that way..If I imagined it it would manifest not all times but some time if i believed it i could do it again most times…i have always had this in me and so believe that if you have intent and believe it can happen for the good…

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