The Passing

How do we know that it is our time to pass from this reality to the next. We may know that we are ill. We may know the time is soon. Do we choose when to pass ?   I say we have much more control of this than modern science would think or acknowledge. I am in a unique position to have some level of experience of people who have made this journey.   A recent experience … One of my long time patients was stricken by cancer. The body was swollen and invaded by an unwelcome visitor…..the unforgiving and uncontrolled cells of cancer….. Illness lingered….One night, he asked that his wedding ring be placed back on his finger ( it had been removed due to great swelling associated with his illness  He requested that the truck in the garage be locked. He requested that the garage be locked … That day a large and beautiful Morning Dove visited the family birdfeeder ….The Dove spent all day at the feeder , unusually so …  The Dove left …My patient passed when the Dove flew off….The Family named her the Dove of Peace….Their Dad passed peacefully… He knew that today was the day( The ring,the locking of the truck door, the locking of the garage door,the Dove visiting all day,and the passing at the moment The Dove of Peace flew away ….He knew …I have many many of these experinces to share ….What are your experinces .  Please share .   drV

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  1. angie says:

    I have seen many people die in great agony and in loneliness, I for one believe it should be everyone’s right to choose when the time is right for them in the case of Terminal Illnesses or in the case of having no function left of the body..It is sad and upsetting to see someone suffer with great agony and nothing to do except to watch when the Humane thing is to let them die in peace surrounded by family knowing that it was their personal choice .

    • Dan Miron says:

      Do you mean in the same manner the Romans ended their suffering? A self-initiated end to terminality so to speak?

  2. Nancy Dickey says:

    my mom knew when it was time for her, she had a real connection with her grandmother whom she saw for the last 2 weeks of her life standing in a corner, when asked what her granny was saying (she had regular conversations with her) she said that her granny was telling her it was time to go and catch the street car, to come with her, but my mom had other plans..and I know her granny was there when she took her last breath and took her to catch the ‘street car’ to heaven.

    • Dan Miron says:

      I believe too that our loved ones gone before us are there waiting for us on the Other Side when out time comes they will be there to walk with us… we can all hope to be escorted from here when we return to our normal existence as spirits.

  3. Dan Miron says:

    A young lady surviving her ongoing battle with cancer for 10 years on the night prior to her death, suddenly got out of bed, bathed, dressed, put a wig on, and packed her suitcase. She then spent the entire night talking in the most rational manner with her family members, even sat by a backyard fire outdoors for hours… being held and holding others…vows of great perpetual love professed by and to each in successive turn… at 8 the next morning, she returned to her bed under her own steam, where she promptly passed away within minutes. The suitcase was beside her bed, and a small clasp being held in her hand was empty.

  4. Dan Miron says:

    On the other side of the coin, I believe that sometimes our passing can take us by surprise…. even cause a revolt against the fact of the passing. As in the case of this story: A woman waiting in emerg ward on a gurney for two days finally was wheeled into a private hospital room that had freed up. She had never been to that particular city before. The room was on the 7th floor. Within 20 minutes of being left by the nurses after being checked on, she started screaming loudly saying “go away! GO AWAY!!!” Nurses thought she was in trouble, but when they entered the room she was alone. They asked her who she was screaming at. She pointed at the large picture window and said “the lady out there”. Nurses told her they were on the 7th floor that was impossible. The patient described the lady and said the lady was pounding on the window and saying something that the patient could not hear. She described the lady as being wild-eyed and banging her arms on the window.

    Thinking their patient was delusional, nurses asked for a description.

    It was the exact description of the last woman to occupy that room. She had been taken down to the morgue just two hours before.

  5. Karen says:

    Well, I for one know all about “passing”….spirits are all around us and sometimes to an annoyance level as well. Although we can’t see them, they are there and unfortunately if you don’t want them there, there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it…I’ve tried. You just have to keep coaxing them to move on. Sometimes they are very stubborn and refuse.

    I strongly believe and witnessed twice now that people know when they are about to pass over.

  6. Loraine Chubb says:

    I believe that we all know when we are going to die but most of us don’t know it. That sounds silly but what I mean is we don’t know untill just before we die or maybe an day or two before. I also believe that we don’t leave this world alone someone who has gone before us comes and takes us to where ever we go when we die. I believe it is heaven but thats my belief.
    PS I like this site Thanks Doc

  7. Charles Vanderwater says:

    I hear from patients so often who have a near death experience, that they a guided, by an angel(s), Jesus, or a loved family member who went before. It is always described as loving ,and peaceful. Some are sent back, being told that they have more to do and accomplish here on earth …It is from this group that we hear and come to have a sense of what the transitional experience is about ….. Consistently,it is not something to fear And yet …so many humans do experience gret fear.

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