Sleep Deprivation and The Anatomy of an Illness


Sleep Deprvation is a Serious Concern in This Crazy World  that We Live in

It is a world that is accellerating and we all seem to be going faster and faster…..

Where exactly are we all going ?   Rgardless I will List The Price We Are Paying

1.Higher levels of anxiety

2Disruption of the Circadium Rhythm ( The Normal Body Clock)

3.Highers Levels of Depression

4.Impaired Cognition

5.Higher Risk of Hypertension

6.Higher Risk od Stroke

7.Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

8.Unhealthy Cravings

9.Higher Risk of Diabetes

10.Higher Risk of Injury

60,000,000 Souls From North America Have Chronic Sleep Disorders ( Sleep Apnea,Narcolepsy,Restless Leg Syndrome,

Periodic Leg Movements)


This sounds like a very high price to pay to be sleep deprived. I think we should all focus on getting more deep seated ZZZZZ’s

Your Mind and Body will Thank You


Sweet Dreams





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