Prescription For Life

Here are Some Basic Guidelines  Useful For Cancer Screening  and For Your Preventive Care Benefit


1. Ontario Breast Screening Program

Women Age 50 to 74 should have a mammogram every two years

Woman Age 30 to 69 at high risk for breast cancer should have a mammogram and MRI every year.

2.Ontario Cervical Screening Program

starting at 21 years old,woman who have ever been sexually active should

have a PAP test every three years

3.Colon Cancer Check

Men and Women 50 to 74 should complete a fecal occult blood test ( FOBT )

every two years

Men and woman with a parent,sibling or child diagnosed with colorectal cancer

should have a colonoscopy beginning at age 50,or 10 years earlier

than the age their family member was diagnosed ( whichever occurs first)

4.  The HPV Vaccine ( Human Papilloma Virus) Gardasil ( for women and men) and Cervarix ( women)

should have the vaccine in Grade 8 ( approx age 12 to 13) It can be given as early as age 9 and up to

age 46.It is shown to greatly decrease the incidence of pre cancerous cervical lesions. In Ontario,

if you miss getting the vaccine in grade 8, your doctor or local health unit can arrange to have you

immunized with the three dose series( at no cost)…Talk to The Local Health Unit or your physician.

5. In consultation with your personal health circumstances, a PSA exam ( Prostate Specific Antigen ) should

be considered if your life expectancy is considered > 10 years ( most every male)  which , in concert with

a DRE ( digital rectal exam), and monitoring the trend of PSA and velocity ( rate of change ) will guide to an early

diagnosis of Prostate Cancer. The mortality rate from prostate cancer has been reduced by 40 % since PSA technology

has been developed

6. Get an annual flu shot

7. If a senior,immunocompromised,have asthma.diabetes, cardiac disease,or any cancer…get a pneumonia shot.







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