Our World In Crisis… And A Path To A Collective Peace

Wow; What a week. The Boston Marathon is disrupted by bombings perpetrated by brothers, living in the US,

but who originated in Chechnya ( near Russia).  What could anyone accomplish by such a cowardly act of terror.

We may never know. One is dead, the other is on the run,now cornered. What motivates someone to take actions such as these.

At a very basic level, our world is a reflection of what we think. These men obviously had a manner of thinking and

a manner of behaving that caused maximal chaos and maximal disruption to day-to-day life. Families are disrupted,families lost loved ones,

3 deaths from the bombs and 180 or more injured . Then a Police officer shot and killed … one suspect dead, other police seriously injured, and an all day

lock down in Watertown near Boston. As I write this, there is more chaotic developments in Watertown, as more shots are fired…but one

bomber is still at large…..The scene remains chaotic……….Teams of officers are engaging the presumed second bomber …..

Have you had the sense that there is more chaos then  ever in the world….Explosions in Texas , Shootings in grade Schools, ricine laced letters to the

President and Congressmen. I also notice an increase in unusual chaotic weather, sink holes in Florida,and Chicago,and coastline falling into the sea in California.

The world is in chaos. This is not the way it is supposed to be !!!!  But it is the way it is ……Does this reflect the collective chaos in our minds ????

We should be co existing in a world of peace,serenity and beauty. Unfortunately it is not so.

What can we do as individuals….As individuals…We can choose  to live in peace , learn the personal techniques of quieting the mind ,and bringing our mind to a

individual sense of peace and calm and stillness.In the stillness, will come your personal peace and direction. I recommend yoga, meditation and mindfulness

exercises. If enough of us were able to have individual peace, then that would have the effect of creating movement toward a collective peace. Surely a collective peace is what

we all are trying to achieve. Let us all help and support each other…friends,family,coworkers,and the disenfranchised

Together it may make a difference. That would be a positive Revolution.  Let us hope and pray that the chaos in Boston soon comes to a resolution, so

a sense of normality can return there and healing can start .An emphasis on our spiritual core may help to bring us all to a better place.

Lets all hope and pray for that.


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