My First Blog

Well….I am new to this. I am proposing to start a health care and healing blog. I will cover many aspects of healing, not just western traditional medical,

but other points of view. Naturopathy, psychology, mindfulness meditation, yoga,Reiki, eastern ideas of healing, accupuncture, spirituality,

mind/body connection , new drug development, human genomics, stem cell research ….Well you get the idea. I invite all of you to post and I will try to comment or respond.

There is no agenda. We are here to share and learn and have fun ….So….stay tuned and check in often !



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4 comments on “My First Blog
  1. Kim Davies says:

    Awesome!!! What a great idea!!!

    • Michelle O'Neill says:

      If there is anyone that longs for the marriage of conventional and complementary medical practices its me! Thank you Dr. V for being such a proponent of alternative therapies. I think that’s a brilliant idea:)

  2. Lorraine Gleason says:

    Thanks Dr. V. Great idea!!

  3. Dan Miron says:

    Looking forward to getting into discussions, particularly regarding Eastern styles of medicine. Having taken part in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program, I would like to know more about such types of healing mechanisms as ith as surely helped me through these past five years!

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