More Humour … Truth Can Be Stranger Than Fiction

It was as yet a cold ,snowy,Feb. day…the 14th to be exact. It was Valentine’s day.

I was working at the office, and a panic stricken voice rang out …call

911 , someone is in the snowbank, and has stopped breathing. I went outside to the parking lot

and there was one of my female patients, 82 yrs old , in full cardiac arrest. I started CPR

and brought ocygen and other resuscitation drugs to the scene . Shortly , fire, police,and ambulance

arrived. All efforts were made to start her heart. So often, these efforts are unsuccessful. On this

occasion, because it happened in the adjacent parking lot, with fire and ambulance just moments

away ( only blocks away) …my patient opened her eyes and awaoke…with no memory of the events !!!

She sat up and I asked her how she was….She said she was fine, an asked who all these people were around her.

There were four young firefighters, two EMT’s and two police officers and of course I was there.

I asked her if she knew what day it was….Se said...” Doctor, its Valentine’s Day !”

I couldn’t resist ……   I commented …..” Dear, There are easier ways to get a date on Valentine’s Day ….. !!! “

My patient survived…….We laugh about the incident to this day …….

drV ( with permission )

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One comment on “More Humour … Truth Can Be Stranger Than Fiction
  1. Loraine Chubb says:

    you changed someones life that day and you should be very proud and honoured that you have the knowledge and where there at the right time and place. The good Lord works in mysterious ways. Thanks Doc

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