Mindfulness..Nourishing Your Mind/Body Through The Five Senses…The Connection of Spirit and Our Senses

Depak Chopra is a very Insightful Endocrinologist and Insightful Spiritual Writer

He wrote a beautiful Piece, in his book, Grow Younger,Live Longer  I reproduce The Essence

of that Writing Here for your enjoyment and Consideration


A youthful mind is nourished through the exploration of new domains.See your environment

with fresh eyes. Do not take your world for granted.

1.Listen to beautiful,interesting,different music from around the world.Listen to the sounds

of nature-birds singing,the wind blowing through the leaves,rain beating on your roof,ocean

waves crashing against the shore.

2.Feel the texture of things.Dig your hands into the earth.Stroke your pet.Caress your loved

ones.Feel a sculpture.Rub your hands along the bark of a tree.

3.Look at your  world with fresh eyes.Notice things that you don’t usually pay attention to.Look

 at the many shades of green that nature paints.Watch the clouds manifest and dissolve.Go to your

local art museum and walk through the galleries.Really look at the faces of the people in your life.

4.Taste things as if for the first time.Bite into a tart apple.Savour the flavour of freshly

baked cherry pie.Pop a clove bud in your mouth.Taste your lover with a passionate kiss.Drink a

freshly squeezed glass of orange juice.Delight your taste buds.

5.Notice the aromas in your environment.Breathe in the fragrances of your garden.Sniff the smells of dinner.

Inhale the scents of your loved one.Go outside after a rain and smell the earth.Notice how closely

smells are liked with you memories and emotions.


This is all the essence of mindfulness of our sensory apparatus…our connection of our soul to this physical world…..

What else is there ?  Pay attention.



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