Maintaining a Youthful Mind

There are many many ways to maintain youth…It is supremely valued in society…..How do we

move in that direction….How is that attained….Let me count the ways

First I would believe that having a youthful mental attitude is healthy and to be encouraged. Be lighthearted,youthful,and play !

I personally devote myself to lifelong learning and personal growth ! Expand your experience every day, in every way.

I think you must understand that your thoughts originate as energy in cells…Cells are the biological stuff of ” us”

Think new thoughts and you have new cellular activity, generating new energy ….   That energy is NEW and YOUTHFUL.

The youthful mind is, as Depak  Chopra has pointed out, dynamic,vibrant and curious.

A youthful mind is  enthusiastic,spontaneous, adaptable, and , frankly, beyond human comprehension. Each of our cells is

an oscillating field of energy…interacting with other fields…  Every thought is new…and the energy produced is new ….and its day-to-day effects on you

is new. Since all experience takes place in the mind, nurturing a healthy mind is of paramount importance. So…HOW


1. Quiet your mind through a daily practice of meditation

2. Nuture your body with healthy food ,nutritional supplements, and balanced exercise

3.Make love the most important thing in your life

4.By doing this you are eliminating toxins from body,mind and soul

5 Keep your mind active and child like and expanding..integrating your life wisdom gained over time.

6. Observe a child at [lay  and at ease….you will   see a youthful mind at work.

7. Remember …play is about recreation ( re-creation)  You lose track of time, and your spirit regenerates, and is timeless.

8. Laughter is the best medicine for the body and mind.


so,   Invite more enthusiasm into your life.

Invite more playfulness

Invite more lightheartedness

Invite more laughter


Play,enjoy, and stay young in body,mind and spirit


Affirm that every day, in every way,I am getting better and better; stronger; more youthful;

with increased physical emotional, and mental capacity

Amen To That  !!!





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