I saw The Article in Macleans Magazine…Health Outcome By Postal Code

I have to give credit to my son-in -law David. He shared the recentMacLean’s Magazine

with me..It had a couple of articles on health care and health outcomes…..I wanted to comment

on both but I thought I would share information about the health effects of disparities of income,

education,housing,and employment.

Some sad but true findings

Comparing the most deprived to the least deprived here are some of the findings

The chances of dying prematurely

1.  11 % lower if you have a medical doctor

2.  20 % lower if self rated health is excellent or very good.

3. 20 % higher if recent hospitalization ( all causes)

4.  71 % higher if recently in emergency department ( all causes)

5. 86 % higher premature mortality (dying before age 75 )

6 .  102 % higher Obesity

7.  139%  higher Infant Mortality

8. 205 % higher  Live Births to Teenage Mothers

9. 242% higher  Hospitalization Due To Intentional Self Harm

10. 341% higher  Visit To Emergency Department due to Mental Health Crisis


So…Based on your Postal Code ….your long term health outcomes can be predicted…….

One finding and conclusion of the study…….Fully 75 percent of factors influencing

health rest OUTSIDE the health care system.

I am a family physician….This is NOT a surprise. It reflects every day life in my office

What could make a difference in this state of affairs…….I have a few simple suggestions…….

1. Bring back the spiritual in our school system

2.Bring back the love in our families

3.Bring back the small town value of “it takes a community to raise a child”

4.Teach ” emotional intelligence “ at a young age

5. Understand that 90 % of emotional development of children occurs by age seven…..

Parents……Spend more time playing with,and reading to your young children .

6. Live ” mindfully and be aware moment by moment”

7. Experience evrything to the full as it happens…And then let go !

8. Start an epidemic of smiling !!!!

9 . Exercise

10. Meditate and breathe


Until tomorrow ….






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