Holistic Principles of Life ,Science,and The System … Can we collectively shift from self interested consumerism to a sustainable regenerative system ?

Previously  I talked about the law of intention ….  Lets look at a few ideas on societal intention …Not necessarily my own,

but a mix from many sources that I read….How does intention work . It starts as ego. I do something,

because I intend the result for myself or my family. Then , as we evolve, we intend that the intention(s)

go beyond good to the self…BUT to everyone. If everyone collectively have a similar intention, the

collective consciousness and energy created heightens the opportunity for manifestation ( of our

intention ) In truth,science has shown that  each thought,word,and emotion that humans constantly

stream forth  is a form of creative energy. When energy in a creative field accumulates to a critical

point,it manifests on a visible plane.

Think of all the potential for positive  creative fields :

Compassion,optimism,dignity,sincerity,courage, gratitude, peace and forgiveness

Then there are all the negative energy fields:


These are individual ideas, which collectively become a societal value and different societies

have different values ….   all of which affect earth differently ….

Think of this….How can we transform out consumer society to a regenerative one ….and why does that matter.

Many great thinkers, rightly believe that Planet Earth is at a Crossroad ….We simultaneously face many crises.

1. Climate change

2.Growing levels of extreme poverty

3.Emergence of new Diseases

4.Growing shortages of food and fresh water

5.Growing chasm between extreme wealth and extreme poverty

6.Unsustainable demand for energy

Our system today is to promote endless growth through mindless consumption This will ultimately collapse the

world economy( think shortages f water, food, and natural resources)

WE are only TRUSTEES  for future generations.  Our job is to Educate our children to be future TRUSTEES

by encouraging them to be God-loving,just,self-sacrificing…The OLD tapes playing in our  conscious and subconscious

can be changed…..and by change of each,one by one…we can change collective consciousness,and hence our future.

Humanity is currently driven by a materialistic consciousness….often driven by a fear of SCARCITY….  this leads to the

behaviour of  taking from others, and depleteing the earth’s resources ( think deforestation,pollution,depletion of energy

resources. )

So…what of all this ?  As creative fields grow in size,it can exert a stronger influence on people emanating similar thoughts.

This can affect people’s decisions, behaviour,relationships,and health

Words have a form of energy. Words affect people,motivate them,can be infectious, or have sharp edges….they can give life, or

take it away. We must be responsible for the words that we utter. Collectively we

should resolve to create the HABIT of using only positive words.

How do we educate our children or shift those already here in positions of power to SHIFT THINKING.

We have to come to fully understand that our life ( and all of us collectively ) are connected to the common source

of the universe. When rediscovered, that connection and the alignment of our intentions with that source, can create a collective influx

of higher dimensional universal energy. This will influence individual decision making, which influences the collective.

This path can lead to a peaceful and sustainable society and divert our collective outcome to a positive one ( as opposed to

the current course of non sustainability implied in a growth oriented,consumer  based societal system ) The change must happen on a person by person, individual basis.

That is the revolution that we need to have and see in society.   BUT how can we get from here to there ?????






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2 comments on “Holistic Principles of Life ,Science,and The System … Can we collectively shift from self interested consumerism to a sustainable regenerative system ?
  1. Ilene Davis says:

    I feel a change! Many seem to be interested, but to be still and quiet, proves challenging for some as well.

    • Charles Vanderwater says:

      A shift is coming…but it will take a societal shift in consciousness …..It is possible the world will need to see more
      crisis, before that collective societal shift will occur. drV

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