e(electronic)-Health Innovation …A marriage of The iPhone and The Body

I read alot …  I learn alot…I am fascinated with human ingenuity. Here are some examples of some new and

ingenious human ideas.In Toronto,The Universty Health Netwok has many e-Innovation Projects( eg Apps on Smart phones)

I will share a few of my favourites. One app monitors the weather and can alert an asthmatic to adjust their

medication.Another can monitor blood pressure and alert you when it is out of range,or you miss a reading.

The Hospital for Sick Children can Install an APP to prompt a teenage type 1 diabetic to check their blood

sugar and reward them with an iTunes Gift Card !

Woman’s College Hospital ( Division of Breast Reconstruction ) can arrange an APP that will allow a photo

of a post op surgical wound to be sent to their surgeon, so healing can be monitored without a visit to the surgeon.

MIT has created an iPhone attachment that measures the pulse using the iPhone Camera

They also have a special attachment that can conduct an eye exam to assess for refractile error and hence

create a prescription for glasses.( Just think of the application potential for a third world nation )

The FDA in the US are soon to approve a portable ultrasound device to plug into a Smart Phone.

My favourite is from a tech company called AliveCor     http://www.alivecor.com/    It has created a credit card sized sensor

that fits over the back of an iPhone….It turns the iPhone into a portable EKG capable of monitoring the electrical impulses

from the heart. ( available to date only to Health Care Professionals)  Imagine accurate diagnosis of a heart attack at 37000 feet on a

modern Jetliner.

A Harvard MD  Peter Diaandis  has a world wide competition on, to create a devise that could diagnose 15 common medical conditions

with a  modern” Tricorder Type Device” ( remember Star Treck …”Mr Spock” and “Bones”….ahead of their time …Gee…we alreadt have the “communicator”)

Another favorite is an app that takes a picture of a mole and has a dermatologist review that…with accuracy of 98 %…better than a 6 month wait to

see them in their office)

How will all this be regulated ???  Health Canada has the resonsibility of regulating devices sold in Canada ( what if they are Free,

or available as “software” in the “cloud” hosted outside of Canada.)

Eventually there will have to be oversight, in order to differentiate between apps that are legitimate and have a useful,and safe role,

which is reproducible and verifiable. Clearly the goal would be to avoid an app that would delay timely diagnosis and hence cause harm.

Perhaps a future technology could “weed out” those who are the “worried well” and do not need to see their  doctor ….and save the system

for the sickest patients .  Imagine the savings and the efficiency that could ensue …Just Imagine  …..


Your collective thoughts are always very welcome





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2 comments on “e(electronic)-Health Innovation …A marriage of The iPhone and The Body
  1. Angie Nyitray says:

    LOL I was just discussing the same thing on Thursday Having a “Tricorder” to monitor your health…hmmmm are you reading my mind…!!!!

    • Charles Vanderwater says:

      I think that New realms of Medicine will involve stem cell research( with applications) and
      further understanding of Quantum Theory ( the ability to measure energy emitted by cells,and
      different tissue types) leading to new diagnotic methods,and new treatment possibilities. Science,
      Medicine,Physics,Quantum Theory,and Spiritualality will all merge into one ….

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