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Western Medicine ? A Business

I have always wondered what would happen if we put more CARE in the concept of Health Care. Lets look at the United States.  Per Capita , $ 8000 per person is spent , and in other Western Countries the

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The Garden …. Reproduced ….When Suffering and Pain Become Too Much

God looked around his garden,And He found an empty place. He then looked down upon this earth and saw your tired face. He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest,God’s garden must be beautiful…He always takes the

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The Passing

How do we know that it is our time to pass from this reality to the next. We may know that we are ill. We may know the time is soon. Do we choose when to pass ?   I say

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What is the fine line between science and spiritual reality?

Its late and I have just returned from a medical education seminar ……It was all about hypertension….What could anyone teach me further about hypertension….Well plenty it turns out. Its not that doctors don’t know about the guidelines or the drugs…They

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My First Blog

Well….I am new to this. I am proposing to start a health care and healing blog. I will cover many aspects of healing, not just western traditional medical, but other points of view. Naturopathy, psychology, mindfulness meditation, yoga,Reiki, eastern ideas

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Hello Patients!

Welcome to Dr. Vanderwater’s new website. Please feel free to look around, and remember, as always, to Practice Random Acts of Kindness Everyday

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