Are You Here or Are you There ?

BE Here Now…

Know Thyself


We have all heard these types of comments,construed to be advice of one type or another in our lives …But what does it actually mean?

Where is “here” and if I am not “here” then where is the alternate place we  seem to inhabit….the proverbial “there”

I have been reading a fascinating book by Neil Turok , The Universe Within…From Quantum to Cosmos …It is a journey across

space and time a journey exploring ourself and the cosmos.

When I finished the book I had read about our human,scientific understanding of the cosmos,and the universe,and a beautiful description of

our evolution of ideas, from a flat planet, to an earth centric universe, to a sun centric universe, to our solar system as part of a bigger galaxy, to ultimately billions of galaxy’s

still expanding at a rate, arguably faster than the speed of light ( due to a phenomenon called the vacuum effect ! Then we explored, electricity,the atom, the control of

electrons ( current), cathode tubes, diodes, transistors, and ultimately microprocessors which have shrunk and have more power in an Intel chip than all the computer power available

on spacecraft that went to the moon and back! Now, we have increasing computer power based on Moore’s law, that we can double computing speed, every 18 to 14 months, by

increasing the number of microprocessors on a silicon wafer ….Ultimately, this is limited by the size of the atom ….which cannot be altered(So the ultimate limit in classical computing speed with current technology will come in about 10 to

years….BUT now, developers are moving forward to developing “quantum” computers.  Now I have limited understanding of ” quantum mechanics ” but a basic description, involves the idea of layering computations and statistical

probabilities in multiple dimensions and time….so multiple  computations can be done simultaneously within multiple dimensions and time, simultaneously…with many outcomes considered in complex computations,and the best being

considered the “answer”   I don’t really understand it !!!!

And SO WHAT anyways ……   The mind of man is ingenuous ……BUT what about his heart and his soul …..  Think of this…..we are all guilty of it.

While visiting family and friends, or while at a social function or while out to dinner ……  we find ourselves texting,emailing,tweeting,facebooking, linked in ing ( is that a word), or checking some cute

video on U tube, or googling something , or spotifying a song, or instagraming…or checking out something on flip-board …..If we spent every moment of our life on-line, absorbing and reading all that is available, we would NEVER get through

a fraction of it. And why would we want to. It seems that the internet, and our brilliant human ingenuity has spawned an information revolution like no other. There is so much information available,that may of us are not “here” but “there”

So…has this made things better. Like all tools, it depend on how you have integrated this into your life. If it is a tool, where you ask certain questions, and use the tool to find good answers and solutions, then the tool is all-powerful ….

It is estimated that the entire library of books in the personal collection of Albert Einstein would number less than 100, and easily fit on a one gigabyte memory( which could hold 5000 entire books)…Few of us have

read that many books….So , with all that information available, are we smarter, more insightful, have better answers to life’s problems,and riddles….It depends who you talk to …..Let us jus say…It depends on our balance and our

relationship to the digital world.The methods and principles of scientific discourse were foundational to the development of our modern democracy. It has also leveled the playing field. In one generation, it will be possible to

bring countries ( formerly known as the Dark Continent) forward , and to an equal position of knowledge and awareness, as all others.  Here in Canada, we already have the political and social infrastructure to be in a unique and privileged

position in the twenty-first century. We have it all HERE…Strong public education,a universal health care system,a stable economy,a peaceful, tolerant and diverse society.We are peaceful,friendly and collaborative.We have phenomenal

natural resources.The people of Canada are practical and modest. Canada can be a place to promote GLOBAL ENLIGHTENMENT … Imagine the world as a hive of education,collaboration,and discussion.A vital source of energy and

creativity, will be the entry of new cultures into the scientific community.  There is a fundamental beauty and simplicity to the universe.More is to be discovered. So….Let us use the digital tools that have transformed our society ,

and use them to continue the transformation…of how we interact and relate to the very real humans we encounter every day….We are analogue creatures ( with a digital code…DNA) living in a digital world….and being processed by

the nuances available only to an analogue way of perceiving the world….It is really quite remarkable. So…It may be that you can be “here” and “there” at the same time….capische ????




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