A Short List of Resources For Those Filled With Stress and Feelings of Burnout

These resources are in no paticular order. Some will apply to individuals who are simply burned out form work.

For others it may be trauma from life, work,relationships,life experiences, or in The Service of Others …….

I recommend all these resources …..  You can find them all by using The Google search engine.

1. The Hormone Cure : Reclaim Balance,Sleep,Sex Drive,and Vitality Naturally

With The Gottfried Protocol

by Sara Gottfreid

2. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD )

by Susan Pease Banitt

3.   The Comfort Garden : Tales From The Trauma Unit

 by Laurie Barkin

4. Not Burning Out in The Srvice of Others

 by Seane Corn ( Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Activist)


These are a great Starting Place for Self Healing ……..





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