A List of Common sense Practices For Self Care

This is not rocket science, but many forget….so I put these in a list as a reminder to keep life in balance,and stress in check


1. Regular,vigorous,aerobic exercise( adjusted to individual health and general physical condition)

2.proper nutrition

3.develop healthy sleep patterns

4.keep caffeine to a reasonable level,so as to avoid disruption to sleep patterns

5.engage in a spiritual practice at least once per week ( and avoid work activity entirely for at least one day per week)

6.take frequent times for renewal ( long weekends and/or vacations for much needed personal renewal )

7.erect barriers between themselves and work …A single example is a change of clothing when getting home from work ( ” I am now out

of work mode”)

8. Ensure that your life includes both recreation and relaxation

9.Do something that you may not be good at. ( eg  soccer,a musical instrument,a garden,reading mystery books,mediocre

carpentry, coaching a softball team …..etc )

10. Engage in a regular practice of a systemic mindfullness activity ( eg systemic relaxation,MBSR, meditation, yoga, reiki etc )

11. Exposure to the natural world ( sand,ocean,sun,lakes,forests)

12.Engage in good humor ( seek out and share)

13. Work to develop and maintain supportive relationships ( at home,socially,and at work)

14. BALANCE work and Non Work Activities

There are many many more ideas…..Share yours in a Blog Reply


Have a Happy Easter





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3 comments on “A List of Common sense Practices For Self Care
  1. Loraine Chubb says:

    surround yourself with those who love you for with love all things are possable.

  2. Christine says:

    Spot on dr v. Nicely done. We should print this off for FHT pts 🙂

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